Basic Rider Course

Basic Rider Course classes (BRC) are held three times throughout the week Saturday-Sunday, Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday. They start at 6:30am and run until 4:30pm on both days.

Student Price: $275.00*
You can complete all DMV testing requirements and learn to ride more safely in our two day course.

We hold classes all year, weather permitting.
In the Basic Rider Course you will learn:

  • To have more fun by riding your motorcycle safely.
  • The basics: What to wear, how to start and stop your motorcycle and motorcycle controls.
  • Street strategies to avoid trouble and stay safe.
  • How to maneuver your motorcycle in tough situations.
  • Swerving, avoiding collisions, special situations, lane changes, passing, and avoiding hazards.

The Basic Rider Course is a 16 to 19 hour two day program, which provides classroom and actual motorcycle operator training ( 20-25 miles on bike riding) in a controlled, off street environment.

No experience is necessary; a good sense of balance is required and you must be able to ride a bicycle.

Here’s a short list of some of the topics covered in the course.

  • Introduction to motorcycling.
  • Protective gear/ what to wear.
  • Controls such as clutch and brakes.
  • Pre-ride inspection of your motorcycle.
  • Preparing to ride your motorcycle on the class range.
  • Street strategies to avoid trouble and stay safe.
  • Driving and riding impairments such as use of alcohol and drugs.
  • How to maneuver your motorcycle.
  • Avoiding obstacles, Lane changes, Passing.
  • Riding at night.
  • Collisions avoidance skills, Swerving. Special situations.
  • Carrying a passenger or cargo.
  • Dealing with tire failure.
  • Dealing with animals.
  • Including multiple other topics.

We are dedicated to increase your motorcycle riding enjoyment and safety.

You must complete the MSF BRC work book prior to class ( a 2-3 hour task) and bring the following gear with you.

Helmet, must be DOT approved ¾ or full face. If you don’t have one we will provide helmets, Eye protection, regular eyeglasses or sunglasses, sturdy ( leather) full fingered gloves, Long sleeve shirt or jacket, Sturdy full length non flared pants, Sturdy ( rubber soled) boots or shoes that cover the ankle.

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* Military / Law Enforcement / First Responders / Winter Rates can vary in pricing.

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